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Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness, called androgenic alopecia, affects most men at varying stages in their lives. It is the most common type of male hair loss beginning at the hair line and gradually receding back over the crown of the head. Some men lose all of the hair on their head, while others only lose the hair from the top of their head. For others, the baldness may start at the crown and work outwards.

Baldness occurs in men when the hair follicles shorten over time. The hair follicles lose their ability to grow hair. This occurs over time as the hair gradually becomes thinner. There are several causes for this occurrence. One of them is genetics. According to experts, the hair of the maternal grandfather can determine whether or not a man will eventually experience balding. If the maternal grandfather was bald, then it is very likely that the grandson will also be bald.

Another of the causes of male pattern baldness is the level of testosterone in the body. The hair follicles convert the testosterone into a chemical called dihydrotestosterone. This blocks the follicle so that it cannot produce hair.

A male that notices hair loss should consult his physician to determine if it is the result of male pattern baldness or some other underlying cause, such as a disease or a deficiency. Once it is determined that it actually androgenic alopecia, there are only a few treatments that are possible. Minoxodil involves using special shampoo and oil to rub into the scalp to prevent further hair loss. In many cases and after using the products for a long time, some men have experienced some hair regrowth. However, it does mean continuing to use the products.

Finasteride is a treatment for balding that was developed in the UK in 2002. Men do have to take a tablet every day and in 2 out of 3 men using this treatment, the balding process stopped. This medication requires that you continuing taking the tablet each day to keep the baldness at bay. You do need a prescription from the doctor for both Minoxodil and Filasteride. Saw Palmetto is a herbal supplement that has been proven to cause hair to regrow and you can buy this over the counter.

For those who see baldness as a problem, there are wigs and hairpieces that look just like normal hair. There are also surgical techniques for hair regeneration which have been successful, but are expensive.