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Hair Loss Conditions

There are many health conditions that re related to hair loss and once they are discovered the loss of hair stops and it starts to grow again. The hormones in the body have a direct effect on the growth of hair follicles. Women often experience hair loss in the first trimester of their pregnancy because the body is adjusting to the needs of the fetus. About three months after the birth of a baby, some mothers notice that their hair is falling out in larger quantities than usual. This is the result of the body rebalancing the hormones and is a temporary condition.

Chemotherapy treatments for cancer destroy the hair follicles along with other cells. This is why those undergoing such treatments wear a wig or a kerchief around their head, while others don’t wear anything to hide their baldness. This is a temporary condition and when the treatments are finished, the hair starts to grow back and is often healthier than it was before.

Hair loss is one of the ways the body deals with stress. This can be psychological stress or physical stress. When one goes through a traumatic experience, as the mind starts to heal, hair loss can develop. The same thing can happen after surgery. With stress on the body caused by surgery, the hair loss will stop once the body heals. However, for psychological stress, it may be necessary for you to seek medical help to obtain medication to help you feel calmer.

Medication has also been found to result in hair loss. Even though it does help a specific medical condition, it does affect people differently. Therefore, some people have a reaction to various forms of medication in the form of hair loss. Mycotic infections, problems with the thyroid gland and an iron deficiency are also some of the medical conditions that can cause you to start losing your hair.

Alopecia is a medical term that encompasses baldness in men and women. It is a medical condition in which the hair gradually starts to thin and eventually falls out. In adults, this is called androgenic alopecia and although it generally refers to male pattern baldness, women also suffer from this condition. Teenagers and young children can also have hair loss all mover their body and it is called alopecia areata. There is no known cause for this disease and there is no treatment available. Pattern baldness is males and females is also genetic.