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Coping With Hair Loss

It is natural to see a few hairs on the comb or brush when you do your hair. However, when you notice that you are losing your hair in large clumps or that your hairline is receding, you have to start finding ways of coping with hair loss. First you have to find out what is causing the hair loss. For those suffering from cancer and going through chemotherapy treatments, they probably already expect this to happen. Even though they do know that when the treatments are finished, their hair will grow back, they still find the experience traumatic.

When people start to lose their hair, they also start to feel extra stress worrying about how they will look. It is important to seek medical advice about the problem tom determine if there is an underlying cause. Stress can cause further hair loss. For women, hormone changes can cause their hair to fall out. Pregnant women may notice significant hair loss in the first trimester and again following the birth of the baby as the body accommodates the changes in hormone levels. This too is something that they can cope with, as they know their hair will soon start growing back. However, they do need reassurance that the hair loss will become permanent.

There are many products on the market that can help prevent further hair loss. Although most of these products, such as Saw Palmetto, are not recommended for women, there are some products specially developed for women that do not contain a high dosage of minoxidil. Increasing the amount of zinc in the diet is another coping strategy.

Talking to people who have lost their hair can also help one cope. Through the discussion, you can develop strategies for you to use and possible treatments, such as hair regeneration techniques. There are also hairpieces that look just like your normal hair and when you wear them no one will know the difference. Instead of being stressed over your hair loss, you can embrace it. Shaved heads are now very stylish and when you think of it, you will realize that now it won’t take you as long to get ready for work each day.